About Us

After a chance meeting at the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, Cheyenne and Nigel found a fast friendship and mutual interest in making things, eating fancy cheese with friends, and engaging in general tomfoolery. We formed Rudolph Clay Studios as an umbrella business to promote the handmade in daily life. Individually, our work is aesthetically and conceptually different, and we both rely on unique references to create the content of our work. As Rudolph Clay Studios, we operate mutually, sharing obligations and opportunities for the advancement of our individual work and the success of the business. A mutual preference for theatricality and extravagance in presentation is evidenced by the promotion of our work and joint efforts toward fun and whimsy. In this way, we advocate for craft, sharing a piece of our story in a creative way, and use innovative gestures to create a cause for pause. Our hope is to elicit a shift in the value assigned to objects by educating people about the role of craft.

In October of 2017, Rudolph Clay Studios added a new member, Illari Rudolph. She is our finest collaboration and an ongoing art project. We look forward to bringing her into the studio once we trust she will not eat the clay.

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