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Archaeo-Art on Archaeologyin30!

Archaeo-Art  on Archaeologyin30!

In episode 5 of the Archaeologyin30 podcast – Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 6.51.07 PM ArchaeoArt – we’ll talk to FPAN Central Regional Public Archaeology Coordinator Nigel Rudolph. An archaeologist and artist, Nigel is a man of many talents. We’ll chat with Nigel about the Crystal River Archaeological State Park in his region and the 2016 Florida Archaeology Month poster titled “Artisans of the Woodland.” Nigel’s art is featured in this poster, which won 3rd place in the annual Society for American Archaeology poster competition. We’ll also talk to Nigel about his work as a ceramic artist and how his background in art applies to interpreting cultural material and public archaeology. Finally, Nigel discusses how he made a dugout canoe and a vernacular headstone.

To listen to the ArchaeoArt podcast on SoundCloud Follow this link

To view the 3rd Place Winner in the 2016 Society for American Archaeology poster competition titled “Artisans of the Woodland:

To watch Nigel make a vernacular headstone check out this link: