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Cheyenne teaching at Peters Valley School of Craft in August.


Cheyenne Teaching at Peters Valley School of Craft, Layton, NJ – August

Frisky Whisk Demo

This dynamic workshop will focus on making special use objects for historical and strange functions. Designing for specific and unique interaction, Cheyenne will demonstrate her method for making, explore techniques for idea development, and discuss possibilities for presentation with functional pottery. This course is great for those looking for space and time to refine elaborate, special-use pots, and will also be helpful to anyone hoping to enhance their work with cleverly engineered details. Daily demonstrations will involve building with textured and decorated slabs, using maquettes and templates to create complex and simple forms, building and using bisque molds, and integrating surface, function, and form. Discussions will revolve around the cultural significance and impact of personal influences, with brainstorming exercises that focus on sourcing content for creative expression. You should expect a balance of exploring your personal research, daily demonstrations of techniques, and time to experiment with a variety of building and decorating techniques at the greenware stage. You will leave with a wealth of information to take back to your home studio. Beginner and Beyond

For registration information follow the link below! Sign up! going to be a great workshop!