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Domesterventions: Inventions for Domestic Interventions

Domesterventions: Inventions for Domestic Interventions

Back to the Drawing Board

Cheyenne will be participating in The Center for Craft, Creativity & Design (CCCD)  Back to the Drawing Board, a series of 24-hour take-overs of Benchspace, CCCD’s gallery & workshop, intended to provoke conversation, expose process, and invite participation. These one-day, gallery take-overs, created by juried and invited collaborators aim to make the invisible creative process visible and provide a venue for experimentation, collaboration, failure, and innovation. The format of these take-overs is decided by the collaborator, and may include performance, installation, film, or exhibition.

Each take-over will take place Friday, April 28th 6 – 9 pm and Saturday, April 29th 10 am – 6 pm at Benchspace and will include a public reception from 6 – 9 pm on Friday evening.

Back to the Drawing Board has been made possible by the John and Robyn Horn Foundation and receives media sponsorship from Industrious Productions.

Center for Craft Creativity & Design
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Domesterventions: Inventions for Domestic Interventions

Domesterventions will consist of a series of live demonstrations of fantastical household products preformed by artist Cheyenne Rudolph. Taking on a satirical Southern female character, Rudolph will take viewers on a tour through three domestic scenarios, identifying strategically placed products and demonstrating their proper use. Each object’s function will relate to a particular task performed by the stereotypical “woman of the house,” offering a humorous and at times cutting insight into domestic social expectations.

Rudolph’s work subverts accepted and expected modes of feminine behavior by questioning the etiquette of the everyday, often assigning sexually provocative implications to mundane household routines. Combining elements of craft, etiquette, and gender roles, Rudolph’s work addresses issues women face regarding societal expectations, personal identity, and self-sacrifice.